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It gets about 25-27mpg city and 35-40mpg highway. We have kept up with all routine maintenance. The car has never needed any major work. Oil changed consistently every 8,000-10,000 (has been transitioned to full synthetic). Most tire changes and routine servicing has been done at Earthy Cars in Williston. Routine maintenance done includes: rear struts, front disc and rear drum brakes, rear taillights, all oil changes, battery replacement, spark plugs, and sway bar links. Equipped with SYNC system. Black exterior/interior, minimal dents or scratches, clean, non-smoking, only two owners, ambient lighting, bluetooth. On sharp or uneven turns, the car occasionally makes a quirky sound on the driver side. We had it checked out by the dealer as well as multiple other mechanics along the way. All have deemed it just a quirk. No issues found at any point. We are asking $7,495 for the car, it books for $7,900. Other reasonable offers will be considered.Email is preferable method of contact, please. Thanks! Please let me know if you would like to come take a look at it or take it for a test drive.