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Forestry, logging, arborist, tree work, silviculture, woodworking, firewood and milling books for sale.
"The Fundamentals of General Tree Work", GF Beranek, Paperback 700plus pages, $5
"High Climbers and Timber Fellers", GF Beranek, 2nd edition hardcover color glossy photos, $15
"The Woodburners Companion", 3rd edition $5
"The Good Woodcutters Guide", a Balieys book, $5
"Backwoods Ethics", Waterman 2nd edition $5
"Woodlands for Profit & Pleasure", American Forestry Ass., xxxx $5
"Reading the Forested Landscape", Tom Kressels, Woodstock VT, $5
"N. American Tree & Shrub Key" $2
"Trail Solutions; IMBA's Guide to Building Sweet Singletrack", xxxx, $10
"The Art & Science of Practical Rigging", Arbormaster publication, $5
"Easy Pruning", The Royal Horticultural Socitey, $2
"Pruning Made Easy", Lewis Hill, $5
"The Homeowners Complete Tree & Shrub Handbook", O'Sullivan, $10
"Second Nature", Michael Pollan, $5
"American Environmentalism", Nash, $5
"NOLS Cookery", 5th Edition, $5
"Arborists Certification Study Guide", ISA, xxxx, $5
"Harvesting Urban Timber", Sam Sherrill, $10
"Insects that Feed on Trees & Shrubs", Cornell University Press, 2nd edition 500 pages, color, $20
Books are in fair to like-new condition. All offers are considered, particularly when books sold as a lot. email me at (click to respond) or call Dan at. Live right in Richmond, but can meet anywhere in the area
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